Property Management Checkup – Are You Up to Date?

Bruce A. Kahn, CCIM, CPM

Here are some questions for you:

1. Are you still using a Fax machine?
2. Are you still using Excel spreadsheets?
3. Are your tenants still using checks to pay rent?
4. Are you still filling out paper leases and applications?
5. Are you still having your tenants call or write you with maintenance issues?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you may be in need of some modernization.

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Modern Property Management

Bruce A. Kahn, CCIM, CPMReaders of the RHA Update tend to be an informed group of investment property owners. In the past, I have addressed the benefits of good property management from various angles, including better financial performance and steering clear of expensive law suits. In addition to these obvious benefits, good asset based property management can provide owners with substantial gains when they elect to sell or refinance their properties. As a Property Manager and active Investment Broker, I understand the importance of keeping the property in top shape and commanding the highest rents achievable.

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Tenant Loyalty … Can We Really Expect It?

Bruce A. Kahn, CCIM, CPMI don’t know about you and perhaps it is my age, but I have noticed a definite decline in workplace attitudes and loyalty. In the past, workers were extremely loyal to the companies they worked for. Today, more often than not that is a thing of the past. The employees of today, for the most part, will not even bother calling to let you know they quit. They just do not show up! I know many are now shaking their heads in agreement, however, when viewed from the other side of the coin, can employers really expect more? Employers today, in most instances, are not loyal to their employees!

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